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Learn how to fix your own bike (we can help!)

The London Bike Kitchen is an open DIY workshop where you can work on your own bike instead of giving it to someone else. Consider us a Do-It-Together education space.

Come to our drop in sessions Tuesday - Sunday and work on whatever you like. We don't take bookings, it's first come first served. There is always a mechanic on hand to answer your questions. We sell most things you'd find in a regular bike shop, and if you don't see it, we can order it.

The cost is £12/hour and members get a 10% discount off of everything: drop in time, classes, and parts & accessories. Membership is £18/year. 

There is a full tool library available, an environmentally friendly parts washer, and classes to build skills. Our classes include Intro to Bike Maintenance, Wheel Building, and Build Your Own Bike (BYOB). We also have women & gender-variant (WAG) nights and work with local schools to get more young people savvy in bike maintenance. Come learn how to take care of your sweet two-wheeled machine!


Bicycles are amazing machines capable of transforming their riders physically, socially and emotionally, as well as help the environment around them.

We believe in the bicycle.

We believe that the bicycle is a vehicle for change. We believe the bicycle has the power to transform lives. It provides economic, social and environmental benefits. The bicycle brings freedom, health, education, and fun to every day life – we want the bicycle to be the chosen mode of transport in London and the world.

Our role.

The London Bike Kitchen is a not-for-profit that teaches and supports people in becoming self-sufficient and proficient in bike maintenance. We welcome those from all backgrounds and bicycles and encourage them to contribute to community bike culture in London and the world.

Our objectives are to:

  • a) Promote self-reliance and confidence through education
  • b) Make cycling accessible and affordable
  • c) Get more people of all backgrounds on bicycles

Our goal is to create a workshop that is self-sustaining and open to everyone. The money that you spend here will subsidise classes and shop time for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, allowing them to gain access to bikes and bicycle education.

Who We are

Meet the DIY crew

Amy Gardiner-Gibson

Christopher Nelson

Ellie Smith

Jenni Gwiazdowski

Oliver Griffin

Tim Jarrett

Women and Gender-variant (WAG) Night Volunteers

Amandine Chieux

Juliet Chard

Laurie Garnons-Williams

Nelsy Casallas


We are proud members of the East End Trades Guild!