May 2015 Newsletter



We have signed a contract!!!!!

We are staying at our current space - 28 Whitmore Road - for the forseeable future. What a relief. Now we can start looking outwards again, and plan lots of fun future things. We've brought on board a new mechanic, Nelson, so if you come by on Fridays and/or Sundays when he works, please give him a warm welcome and say hello (hang on, that's our job…) Aaanyway, lots more to come, read on, friends, read on...

Pop-Up LBK

I never thought those two words would be uttered in the same sentence, but never say never - This summer we're teaming up with Oakley! We'll be teaching at their summer pop-up shop at Exmouth Market, and many of our classes will be taught there. So if you're taking one, be sure to double check where your class will be held. We'll also be celebrating our Belated 3rd Birthday party there, have some lovely informative talks & presentations, as well as teaming up with LBK Member Becky Stewart to do WAG Trafo Pop LED workshops. More info to come, I will send that out when it's more concrete. 


LE SIGH. Our accountant told us that we were barely braking (ha) even, so in order for us to be a sustainable co-operative-in-training we have no choice but to raise some of our prices. BUT we have also lowered some of our stock prices, and now members will get 10% off of that. So, without further ado:

Starting in May 2015

Membership £12/year (that's £1 per month!)
Intro to Maintenance £70
Wheel Building £80
BYOB £90
Drop In: £12/hr
Members get 10% off EVERYTHING, drop-in time, parts & accessories, classes - even second hand parts. For your secret code to get 10% off classes when you book online, email me:
Corkage fee: If you buy something elsewhere that you coulda bought through us, there's a suggested £5 donation if you drop in for an hour, £10 for over an hour. 


Attention members 1033 and below - 'tis time for your renewal! Come by the shop, or renew online

Membership is now £12 per year and the cashish goes towards things that run our workshop for you, like cleaning & lubricating supplies, Rozoneenzymatic parts washer rental, and electricity from Good Electricity




We've decided to splash out and start installing new systems and apps that will help my life expectancy go back to it's original age range, as opposed to 1929 New York stockbroker levels. This does mean that things will go wrong for a while, so please, be gentle. But also, please let us know what you think - visit and have a look yourself!

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