January 2016 Newsletter

New Year


Welp, LBK needs to diversify its income streams. Turns out that just because you and I love DIY doesn't mean everyone else does too. So now that all the eviction drama is over, our nice new landlord is giving us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a second space just a few doors down from our current shop, something we've needed for a while now. It's about the same size, and we would turn it into a 'conventional' bike shop: retail in the front, workshop/classroom in the rear. We could carry more parts/accessories/frames, provide more repairs for more people, have personal BYOB classes rather than run them concurrently with drop-in sessions... Thing is, this is gonna cost money, stuff we don't have right now. The winter low season hit us hard and we're dipping into our overdraft. So we are toying with the idea of a - wait for it - crowdfunder. I know we've reached Peak Kickstarter, but you know we'd all have a ball doing it: We'd throw a couple rad parties (bikeoke anyone?), sell some sweet limited edition swag, discounts on drop-in time, tattoos for lifetime membership... you get the gist. And so, a quick survey: Should we do this? ARE YOU IN???


YAY - I want to help LBK expand

 NAY - :(

If you'd like to help us with the move, cleaning/painting/building, if you know any plumbers, if you have any feedback, ideas, questions/comments/concerns, we'd love to hear from you. You can email me anytime: jenni@lbk.org.uk 

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