May 2016 Newsletter

First We Destroy

Then We Rebuild

So I have NO IDEA what happened to April. All I remember is that our crowdfund ended successfully, and then I got this intense chest infection, and then my depression/anxiety kicked back in, and the next thing I know it's the middle of May. 

And here we are. I'm getting back into the groove of things, but I'm still on the road to recovery, so I thank y'all for your patience and support. The anxiety can be pretty bad some days, so I'm sorry if I haven't answered your email yet. Email inboxes can be massively intimidating :(

STILL - I can't say it enough: Thank you SO much to everyone who contributed to our crowdfund back in March. Crowdfunder liked it so much they're doing a case study on it! If you have any feedback on the process, (and I've got some feedback about this whole PayPal money laundering fiasco) please email You can see updates on our crowdfund page

It's not too late to slide in on those rewards tho! Just email me ASAP and let me know what reward you'd like, and then you can bank transfer the money directly so that we get ALL the cashish and PayPal get none.

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