June 2016 Newsletter

I had written a couple different beginnings here over the past week, but if you're like me, the events that have come to pass in the last 5 days have derailed any steady course that had been set. The uncertainty is causing my anxiety to return (is opening a second workshop a good idea now? if Theresa May becomes PM will she impose a £35k rule on EU nationals like she did with non-EU nationals?) And the results have bolstered the xenophobes and racists into thinking they can commit hate crimes without consequence. It's even happening here in London, and it's scary. 

I'm at a loss for words. I usually try to leave politics out of LBK newsletters, but the personal is political, and this is very, very personal. Racism is never, ever ok, and if you see something, say something. Take photos or video. This article is helpful about how to call out racist acts. 

That's all I have to say about Brexit for now. 

{{ We now return to regularly scheduled programming }}

So. Here we are now, fully entrenched (endrenched?) in British Summer. At least it's lighter later, amirite? Just ride your bike already - I mean, your skin is basically waterproof, and your clothes can only get so wet until they can't get wet anymore ;) 

Also, thank you all for your well wishes from the last newsletter. I have been taking it as easy as I can, been getting back into my regular gym routine, and eating better. It's still hard sometimes getting motivated, but I don't think that's a constant - I think I just gotta capitalise on that when the motivation reappears. That said, if anyone knows a good business mentor, I'm all ears. 


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