BAD NEWS: We're Getting Kicked Out

Dear friends,     

We’ve been told by our new “social” landlord (Dolphin Square Foundation) that our estate will be torn down in the next 1 - 2 years with new luxury flats rebuilt for the residents, (and then some) - but with no provision made for affordably priced shopfronts. We have had meetings with them and they have told us It is not within their remit to provide affordable commercial space, and that if they even build shopfronts at all, they will be held at market rates, which is like, £30-40k/year. There’s no use in getting up in arms or making a petition, they’ve got all the residents on their side this time, as they will be rehoused around the corner where the old Dalston firestation was torn down and will now be rebuilt into even more luxury flats. Because LBK is run on a shoestring budget, we have no savings. I also do not have the energy to spearhead a campaign. 


1) If you know of any AFFORDABLE shopfront space in the East London Area (and maybe even North East and South East London) (and by affordable, I mean we pay £8.5k/year for 50 sq metres), please get in touch We cannot afford market rents in London anymore. 

          a) if you know of any organisations that may want to partner with us and actually have their contact details, please get in touch:

2) If you like what we do and if you want us to continue to exist, the best way you can support us at this point in time is to BUY FROM US. Buy your parts from us, use our drop-in space, buy our classes, buy gift vouchers and LBK swag, renew your membership. Write us a review AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS! 

We are doing a 12 days of Xmas campaign with FREE shipping from December 1 - 12! We will make it easy for you to buy fun things from us, at fun affordable prices! Drop in hours, water bottles, reflective t-shirts, patches, and more! Each day we will have something on sale that will help us create a money pot for a new place to live, and help you with your Xmas shopping. It's a win/win situation. Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox (if you're on our mailing list) and social meds.