BYOB (Build Your Own Bike)

Course prerequisites: Intro to Maintenance / Brakes / Gears / Bearing Systems - or equivalent knowledge

Ready to get stuck in? Our BYOB (Build Your Own Bike) course is a full day of non-stop bike action.

In this advanced level class, you'll be taking apart your very own bike and then putting it back together, all the while servicing it along the way. We're talking the full monty here - stripping it down to its tiny little bearings, understanding how it all works and then rebuilding it.


Actually build your very own bike from scratch. Frame or no frame, we can help you source the parts you'll need to build your own bike.

In both situations, please visit us AT LEAST two weeks beforehand to meet. We need to source the parts you'll need to build and service your bike. If you are stripping your current bike, please BRING YOUR BIKE WITH YOU. Please come by the workshop when we're open to get your build approved. We are open Weds/Thurs 1 - 8, Fri/Sat 11 - 6, Sun 2 - 6. 

If you do not bring your bike for a check, we will charge you a £50 administrative fee to cover the inevitable faff we'll have to go through to make sure we have bike parts ready for you on the day. (We've been doing this for 5 years - trust us on this.)

Things you will learn:

How to use specific tools for specific parts of your bike
How to properly clean, grease and oil your bike (and what parts require greasing vs oiling)
How to take apart your bike and put it back together
How beautiful the bicycle is as a machine

NEW! Touring BYOB class on Fridays! Come learn the skills you'd need while on the road for your cycle tour. Just get in touch after you book your class to let us know you'd like the class to focus more on touring repair skills. 

This is a full 8-hour course, which includes lunch. Classes are strictly limited to one student. Current LBK members can get 10% off the price of a ticket. Contact us for your discount code. 

Please note this is an advanced level course. You are required to have an understanding of brakes, gears, and bearing systems - namely replacing cables, replacing brake pads, indexing gears, and removing/installing headsets/bottom brackets. If you don't know this, please take our Introduction to Maintenance course, and our modules on brakes, gears, and bearings. (We're serious about this - this is a LOOOOONG class and if you don't know how to index gears, you could lose your bearings - ha.)

If you're building a bike from scratch, be sure you budget at least £500. It can be less, especially if you plan with us far ahead of your build date, but better to be safe. 

And finally - we'd really appreciate it if you bought your bike parts through us. We're a small community not-for-profit, and depend on people like you purchasing parts from us. It's our bread and butter - you're our bread and butter sweet-ums. You are. 

Before you subscribe to this course, please read our Terms & Conditions.
By purchasing a ticket to this class, you are agreeing to our Ts & Cs. 

We can rebuild it. We have the technology.

N.B. If you sign up for a class and then can't make it, please let us know ONE WEEK in advance to get a refund. We cannot give a refund after this period. We also cannot transfer your ticket to a different date. Our classes fill up quickly and spots are highly prized, so if you can't make it please let us know ASAP!

N.B.II The Friday class is run concurrently with our Drop In session. The mechanic will be assisting you during the class, but may also have to occasionally assist customers as well if we are busy. The Saturday class is 1 on 1, and will take place in our second workshop space in your own classroom - a truly bespoke experience. 

FAQ: Why do I have to bring my bike in for a check? 

We like to have a good look at the bike for a couple of reasons: it gives people the opportunity to replace any parts where there is merit to do so instead of cleaning and returning worn parts to the bike.

Primarily it is to make sure the bicycle can be taken to pieces without any surprises especially concerning the mechanical condition of the parts. We check the measurements of parts like, say, seat posts and look to make sure none of the parts are seized onto the frame and would cost a lot of time to remove, or damage parts irretrievably during removal. If that looks likely, we aim to order the parts in good time for the course.

The whole process can take five or ten minutes when the shop is quiet and then the mechanic who saw it will have to jot down recommendations for Jenni or me to cost up and give you the details by email. 

This process has been built over time to try and ensure our BYOB classes run smoothly, finish on time and make the day as much fun as possible.