Build Your Own Dynamo Wheel - Sat 17 February

SP dynamo hubs.jpg
SP dynamo hubs.jpg

Build Your Own Dynamo Wheel - Sat 17 February


11 - 2pm

LBK2, 16 Whitmore Road, N1 5QA

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Class Prerequisite: Intro to Wheel Building

In this intermediate level class, those of you who already have some wheel building skills will be guided through the process of building a front wheel with a dynamo hub. 

Why dynamos? Why not! Harness the power of your legs and turn it into usable energy, either plugging into a cache battery or directly to your lights. 

Course does not include materials, but you can purchase those through us. Just email us to let us know which parts you'd like. Remember - when you purchase through LBK you're helping your local bike shop survive! 

3 hour class, £40 tuition

We recommend: 

Rigida Ryde (road) or Sputnik (touring) rims (32 or 36 hole) - £25

Sapim spokes - .60p each

Sturmey Archer hub (silver, entry level - aka cheap & cheerful) £38

Shutter Precision hub (silver, black, red) - £99

Shimano hub - £90 

Union classic front dynamo light - £6

Union standard front halogen dynamo light - £9 

Union rear carrier light - £12

Just let us know which wheel you'd like to build and we'll get those prepared for you on the day. Email