dynamo wheel building

We are proud to present our first Build Your Own Wheel (BYOW) class, just in time for lights season. 

Prerequisite: Wheel Building - you must already have an understanding of how to build a wheel (i.e. you've taken our Wheel Building class). 

We have set kits of 3 different dynamo hubs, and will prepare the spokes, rim, lights, and electrical cables for you as well. All you need to do is show up. We'll get you started on your build, assist you if you've any questions, then when you're done truing, we'll show you how to connect the dynamo to your lights. 

3 hour class, £40 tuition - TEST CLASS - SALE £30 for October only!

We recommend: 

Rigida Ryde (road) or Sputnik (touring) rims (32 or 36 hole) - £20

Sapim spokes - .60p each

Sturmey Archer hub (silver, entry level - aka cheap & cheerful) £38

Shutter Precision hub (silver, black, red) - £99

Shimano hub (out of stock until 22 October) - £50 

Union classic front dynamo light - £6

Union standard front halogen dynamo light - £9 

Union rear carrier light - £12


Just let us know which wheel you'd like to build and we'll get those prepared for you on the day. Email fixit@lbk.org.uk.