frequently asked questions

I don't know how to do anything with a bike, will you help me?

Yes, of course! That's what we're here to do. There's always a mechanic or two on hand during drop in sessions to answer questions and guide you through processes.

When are you open?

We're open to the public Tues/Weds 1 - 5pm, Thursday 1 - 8pm, Fri 1 - 5pm, Sat 11 - 6pm and Sunday 2 - 6pm. You must arrive 1 hour before we close in order to do any work.

Do I need to book a stand?

Nope, just turn up. First come, first served.

I'd really like to take your class but it's sold out, when will your next ones be posted?

Jenni posts new classes in the monthly newsletter. Sign up to the mailing list via our home page:

I have a gift voucher and would like to book a class, how do I do this?

Email us with the date of the class you'd like to take and we'll confirm with you your spot.

Do you take volunteers?

Not at this point in time. Our shop is too small to handle volunteers. We do take volunteers for our Women and Gender-variant night though - get in touch with if you're interested!

Do you take donations?

We take donations of parts but not bikes. Once LBK2 is open we'll take bike donations.

Why do I have to bring my bike in for a BYOB check? 

We like to have a good look at the bike for a couple of reasons: it gives people the opportunity to replace any parts where there is merit to do so instead of cleaning and returning worn parts to the bike.

Primarily it is to make sure the bicycle can be taken to pieces without any surprises especially concerning the mechanical condition of the parts. We check the measurements of parts like, say, seat posts and look to make sure none of the parts are seized onto the frame and would cost a lot of time to remove, or damage parts irretrievably during removal. If that looks likely, we aim to order the parts in good time for the course.

The whole process can take five or ten minutes when the shop is quiet.

This process has been built over time to try and ensure our BYOB classes run smoothly, finish on time and make the day as much fun as possible for everyone involved.