introduction to

route planning

Ever wanted to learn how to use a paper map, your mobile phone, or a GPS device to plan out a cycle route? Wonder no longer! LBK member (number 105) Sean Bennett will be teaching a 2 hour session to introduce these topics to you. Sean's a modern day map maker, and his obsession and love for maps will enrich your life and fill you with confidence. 

You will learn:

- how to read a map

- how to plan a route

- the best map apps

- paper maps vs electronic apps: pros and cons

- how to use these skills and tools to be flexible in your journey

- a practical session to use these skills to plan a short route

Please bring any maps, gps, phones with mapping apps, laptops etc with you. 

This class is awesome - I learnt loads about maps, online tools, and gear and techniques to keep you on track on the road. I came away with an urge to plan and do more bike tours, and a feeling that anything is possible. Thanks Sean!
— James // LBK Member 54