Make sure your bike is looking tip top and running ship shape

We stock both new and second-hand items. LBK members get a 15% discount on new parts and accessories.


Consumables: brake pads, innertubes, tyres, chains (1/8″, 3/32″, 7 speed, 8 speed, 9 speed, 10 speed), brake cables, gear cables

Tools: Rainbow hex keys, Crank Bros multi-tools, shiny mini pumps, magnetic spoke keys, Pedro’s tyre levers

New stock: bar tape, headsets, cassettes (8 speed, 9 speed), freewheels (5 speed, 6 speed, 7 speed), Pinhead wheel locks, Knog locks, USB rechargeable lights, oil, degreaser, chainrings, pedals, handlebars, grips

Fun stuff: LBK t-shirts, Gift vouchers, Ally Nicol bike-print scarves, Ally Nicol hot water bottles

Second hand: handlebars, stems, saddles, seat posts, tyres, derailleurs, cranks, pedals

Grub: Clif bars, Shot Bloks (aka: EPO)