1 hour Classes

We know ya'll are busy people - so we've designed several classes to take the pressure off. 1 hour of delicious learning on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning from 8 - 9am.

Puncture Repair

  • how to remove/replace a wheel and tyre
  • how to patch an innertube 
  • how to properly inflate your tyres

Replacing Brake Pads

  • what type of brake pad is right for your brakes
  • when and how to replace brake pads

Wrapping Bartape

  • how to wrap bartape beautifully
  • different methods to cover STI bands
  • the importance of rotation direction

Wheel Truing

  • how to laterally true a wheel that's got a wiggle
  • how to radially true a wheel that's 'out of round' 
  • n.b. this class will be taught on our wheels, not yours

Drivetrain Cleaning

  • how to measure chain wear
  • how to take off your chain and cassette/freewheel
  • how to clean them in our environmentally friendly Rozone professional parts washer