Hexlox Skewer


Hexlox Skewer


These do NOT come with 5mm hexlox magnets - sold separately! 

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Got quick release skewers on your bike? Then you'll need to change them to a pair that have a hex socket at one end. If you already have one, fab - just make sure it's magnetic!

If you don't have hex skewers, not to worry, you can order them here for £10 each. 

5mm Magnets are sold separately. 

  • Equipped with a specially designed Anti Spin Tooth
  • Conical form to deflect attack
  • Fits every hollow axle wheel and fork (except for thru-axle types)
  • Elegantly and safely replace your current setup
  • Install without removing your wheel


To ensure a perfect neat fit to your bike without needing to cut the axle*, we have 2 sizes:

  • Regular

Front: 100mm Drop-out

Rear: 130mm rear Drop-out

An extended thread also makes these suitable for a 120mm rear dropout (track frame), 70mm Front drop-out (Brompton) and everything in between.


  • MTB / CX / Forks with suspension

Front: 100mm Drop-out

Rear: 135mm rear Drop-out