Hexnut for Solid Axle

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Hexnut for Solid Axle


For solid axle wheels - 6mm hexlox magnet and key sold separately

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Got solid axle wheels? Hexlox got you covered. 

6mm hexlox magnet and key sold separately. 

  • Only 1 required per wheel for full security.
  • Includes Serrated Washer and spacers.
  • Includes Chrome all-weather cap
  • Equipped with a spinning Stainless Steel Security Ring 
  • Secure against pliers, vise grips, hammer etc
  • No more carrying around a Spanner / Wrench in your tool kit!

For Rear Wheel select:

Rear M10

Fits all Single Speed and Fixed rear wheels

Also suitable for Rohloff, Bion-X, NuVinci, VanMoof Front and Rear, Miche Front and Rear, DuraAce Front and Rear

For Shimano Alfine/Nexus rear wheel select:
Rear M3/8 - Alfine/Nexus

M3/8' x 26tpi

For Front Wheel select:

-Front M9
Fits any Front wheel

For VanMoof, Miche and DuraAce use M10

For vintage bikes please check beforehand!