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1 Year's Membership

10% off everything

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1 year's membership
10% off everything

  • classes
  • drop in
  • parts & accessories
  • servicing

Only £15
Renewals + n00bs welcome! 

Membership will be going up in 2018 so get in! 

Newbies get a handy lil badge sent in the post
Can also be a gift! Just specify in checkout who it's for. 

For online purchases email to find out what the current membership code is (it changes every couple months to keep y'all on your toes). 

Ts & Cs

  • cannot be exchanged for cashish
  • year starts on day of purchase not day of gifting, sorry
  • excludes a few products like How to Build a Bike, and LBK merch --> these are fundraisers for us!