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Custom Wheel Building by Tim now available

Take control of your time!

let us do the hard work *for* you. 

Puncture repair = £15 (includes the tube, long valve extra)

Brake service = £15 per brake (rim/cable pull disc)

Gear service = starting at £25

Small Service £35* (£30 single speed)

Got a bike off your best friend’s cousin’s boss or dug one out of your old man’s shed? This service is great for checking your bike is in running order and safe for you to take to the streets:

  • whole bike inspection

  • check & tighten nuts and bolts

  • inspect parts for wear

  • brake cables & pads checked and adjusted if necessary

N.B. No parts are fitted in this service 

Medium Service £60* (£50 single speed)

This service is the best bang for your buck. We’ll make sure that your steed is ship shape and ready to sail.

Includes everything in our Small Service plus:

  • Gears checked and adjusted if necessary

  • Derailleur hanger alignment checked and adjusted if necessary

  • Drivetrain inspected and adjusted/replaced if necessary

  • Drivetrain and brakes cleaned in our environmentally friendly parts washer

  • Wheels checked and trued if necessary

large service £100*(£90 single speed) 

Tip Top condition, eh? Then the Large Service is for you and your sweet, sweet ride. This is the golden eagle of bike services - your bike will soar through the clouds.

Includes everything in our Medium Service, plus: 

  • Frame cleaned in our environmentally friendly parts washer

  • Wheels, drivetrain, gears, and brakes removed and cleaned in our parts washer

  • All cables replaced

  • Wheels truth and tension checked and corrected as necessary

  • headset/ bearings inspected and serviced as needed

  • bottom bracket inspected and serviced as needed

  • hub bearings inspected and serviced as needed

NB - if headset/bottom bracket/hub need replacement, then the labour for this is charged separately.


* Parts are excluded in price


What you can expect when you drop your bike off:

1) in addition to your requests, we will M-check your bike to see if there are any glaring repairs that need to be done

2) offer you an estimate of how much it will cost, and if we need to order any special parts in

3) you will agree and sign our Terms & Conditions 

4) we will take your details and contact number

Once your bike is finished, you'll have 2 days to pick it up. After this you will incur a storage charge of £10 per day. Our shop is mega small and we don't have space! 


Terms & Conditions

  • Service completion times are on the provision that any additional parts are available immediately. You will be advised if the repair is going to take a little longer due to the ordering of spare parts.
  • The price of your service does not include any additional parts that may be required. Once our mechanic has assessed your bike they will advise of any parts that need replacing and the associated costs before proceeding with the service.
  • London Bike Kitchen (LBK) will not accept liability for any consequential losses or costs, should it not be possible to repair your bike within the agreed timescale, for whatever reason.
  • Should you require the return of any parts that may be replaced during the service, please advise our team when you drop your bike in. Should we not receive this notification, LBK will not accept liability for any parts disposed of.
  • The booked service is subject to confirmation once your bike has been inspected by our team; if additional work is required to make your bike roadworthy, or it is not possible to safely service your bike, we will contact you to discuss your options before proceeding.
  • In the event that there is a possibility of damage being caused to your bike, for example when attempting to remove a seized component, we will request your approval to proceed; in such situations LBK will not accept liability for any damage subsequently caused.
  • Unless a prior arrangement is made, your bike should be collected from us within 2 days of your service being completed. A storage charge of £10/day will be applied after this time.
  • If your service included any new cables, then expect the cables to stretch a bit within a few weeks of riding. This might make the gears slip / brakes feel spongy. This is totes normal babes, and we will be happy to tune these back up within a 6 week period of your service (but don't take the piss).